A unique aircraft, the British Aerospace Experimental Aircraft Programme (EAP) was built as an advanced technology demonstrator.Although the concept was supposed to be developed jointly by the Italians, Germans and British, as it was to be a tri-national project, the German and Italian Governments pulled out of the EAP development project. British Aerospace decided to continue development alone, albeit still using some German and Italian companies as suppliers.

The EAP was highly modern in concept,with an obviously novel and unusual delta-canard configuration. It is also fitted with innovative computers to help control the aircaft, with screens replacing the traditional dials in the cockpit. It was rolled out and made its first flight in 1986, making its 100th flight at the Salon de l'Air et d'Espace at the 1987 Paris Air Show. (I was there to see it !)

Instantly recognisable now, the programme was a huge success and many of the features of the EAP were incorporated in the Eurofighter Typhoon - which was ironically a tri-national project with Germany and Italy..

Only one EAP aircraft was ever built, making it's last flight in 1991 before being loaned to Loughborough University for ground instructional duties. It arrived at the RAF Museum Cosford in 2012. An iconic aeroplane.